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PryorWild Tours

The adventure begins with a journey to the top of the Pryor Mountains. We travel in either our Jeep Rubicon or Dodge Power Wagon up Burnt Timber Ridge Road which is a rugged, rocky ride!! The ride up the mountain takes about 2 hours, but to quote a guest, "the trip is half the adventure!" The next step of the adventure comes once we reach the top. Throughout the summer and fall, during tour season, the horses are in abundance as they graze in their mountain home.

We are now taking reservations for the 2024 tour season! Email us to check for availability of a date you have in mind

Plan your 2024 wild horse adventure. Our tours are small, ranging from 3 people to not more than 7, which gives you a private, personal tour. If you have a larger group, contact us. We may be able to make arrangements.

The Tour Information page provides details about the day.

Searching for Horses
Stallion Action
The Way to the Top
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